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Is it free to check my credit report?

Once a year you are eligible for a free copy of your credit report, one from each major consumer reporting agency – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. And you’ll have to pay for other copies of your credit file requested within that year.

How long does it take to process a Citi credit card application?

Citibank will notify you of your application status by postal mail within 30 days. If you’ve elected to get your application status by email, the bank will inform you on your approval or disapproval appropriately. See if you can check the current status of your application at the official website of Citibank.

I applied for a card, did I get accepted?

To find it out, you can contact your card issuer directly or go to their official website. Usually it takes about 30 business days to process your application, if it is not an instant decision credit card, of course.

Want to pay my bills online.

To pay your bills online, please go to the official website of your credit card issuer and register for online bill pay with them. Log in to your online account and follow the prompts.

Greetings: For your kind information, I am very much interested in getting a good-rated credit or prepaid card, either Visa or Master Card (OR any other alternative that you can kindly think of), to use it in buying some personal items, such as buying books and software or paying for small office services from overseas markets. I am residing in Libya and, unfortunately, credit cards are not very well known and very hard to obtain them locally. I have a current account with a local bank for the past 48 years, namely since 1963. Kindly do me a BIG favor and let me know the best card or solution that would enable me to achieve the foregoing purpose. Your generous help in this respect will be greatly appreciated and remembered. Many thanks.

At we offer only credit cards and prepaid cards targeting legal residents of the United States, U.K., Canada and Belgium.


Absolutely, on our web site you can find very attractive credit cards for the legal U.K. residents. The U.K. credit cards we have on offer are issued by the leading credit card issuing companies. You are welcome to browse through the credit cards displayed and consider only those you may be eligible for. Please shop around for a credit card for your individual credit score. Once you choose a credit card, apply for it online.

Can I get one of your credit cards with bad credit?

At our web site you can browse through the bad credit credit cards from the most reputable U.S. card issuers you may be eligible for. But remember that it is your bank to decide whether you are approved or not.

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