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When your kids begin an adult life in college, they get tones of great card offers and beneficial deals, but they are mainly interested in student credit cards. All major credit card companies offer college student these deals, even though they are a little bit different from the mainstream cards. Students can use these credit cards to buy everything they need and even get cash back bonuses or rewards.

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  • No Annual Fee.
  • Great Rewards Programs.
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February 13, 2016

Everyone makes a financial misstep now and then. And often, the first major money mistakes people make come early in life. Credit cards are the most likely place for a young person to go wrong, according to a recent research poll. Sixty-eight percent of folks survey[...]

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QDo store credit cards help build credit?...

Store credit cards do help people with poor credit establish or rebuild their credit history if used carefully and wisely.[...]

What are the main differences of credit cards for students? Let's have a close look at them:

First of all student card offers feature rather low interest rates. Credit companies do their best to please their young customers in order to cooperate with them in the future!

Credit cards for students are pretty easy to get as they don't require co-signer.

Student cards usually have no annual fee.

At first spending limit may be lower than the limit on regular cards, but as soon as your student proves to be a responsible user, the bank will raise the spending limit accordingly.

Usually college students do not search for these cards. At the beginning of each semester the representatives of credit companies appear on the campuses and offer students to apply. Unfortunately, some students apply for too many cards in order to get a free dining certificate or a discount to their favorite store and then find themselves in a big debt. That's why it is wise to search for student cards together with your student online! You will see the great variety of offers for students and can advise your child to get the best student card.
You can also teach your college student about the wise usage of student cards in order not to graduate from college with a huge debt! These tips are very simple, but your child should really know and use them!

Teach your kid to use student credit cards only for necessities, not to buy party supplies or to go to the bar!

Encourage your child to pay off the balance in full and each month. Explain that it is very important, because if they are late with their payments, they may be hit with a sky-high interest rate.

Discourage him or her from filling in credit card applications simply because they want to get a free dinner or a gift certificate. It is very simple, credit cards are financial tools and they require responsibility!

Teach your student how to use first cards wisely by giving some basics of smart money management!

There is doubt that you should be absolutely sure that your child will be able to handle the responsibility of having a credit card! If you are not sure, you may agree to pay his or her bills for a month or two and analyze some mistakes in order to avoid making them in the future, when your kid will be on his or her own. Life in college really requires self-dependency! Student credit cards will teach your child to understand that it is high-time to be fully responsible for his or her spendings and that it is necessary to develop good payment habits and a high credit score before it is time to take a big step into the world of adults! And you as a parent will always have peace of mind, because you will know that your child will be able to use student credit card in case of any emergency situation!

Credit Cards by Spendings offers you the best credit cards online issued by all major credit card companies! We have divided all cards by the type of spendings, especially for you. Now you can easily pick a card depending on your purchasing behavior. Choose the best deals for consumers, businessmen or students!

Consumer credit cards are issued for people who want to make purchases comfortably and quickly and get rewards and rebates at the same time! The best consumer credit cards are issued for the customers with good credit history and give rather attractive rewards, like gift certificates, nice discounts, free trips and many other!

Business credit cards are created especially for people, who would like to have stable and profitable business. They will save you a great amount of cash on business trips, hotel stays and will also help you to separate your own expenses from your business ones!

Student credit cards will teach young people with no credit good spending habits. They are proved to be the best and the most beneficial credit deals for the young consumers!

Compare all credit cards and apply online for the cards that suit your needs!
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